Sweetness in Seattle 

When you reach the height of baedom in life you know

I reached the height of pancake baedom in Seattle. 

Last month we went on a road trip along the west coast of the USA. I’m documenting some of the nuances of the trip in this blog. All food related stuff will be here. 

On day 1 of the trip we needed breakfast and I needed an unlimited data sim. We stopped by T-Mobile in the Wallingford area of the city. 

Inadvertently we came across Blue Star Cafe & Pub around the corner from T-Mobile. Being a noob at life I checked the google reviews and let me just tell you something: the google reviews are only 4* and they are wrong. It should be 5*. 

My pancake with the pancake of my parntner in crime at the back. She said hers was divine too. 

To keep it short and sweet, I’ve eaten a lot of food in my life. These were the best fucking pancakes I’ve ever eaten. Ever. They were feather-light, fluffy, had ACTUAL FRESH blueberries cooked in them. ACTUAL FLAVOUR. I’m not big on maple syrup as most of the maple syrup we get in the UK is shit but the maple syrup was divine. There is not a pancake in Western Europe that compares to the glorious warmth these pancakes enveloped my stomach in. 

Being a Brit, I naturally grimace at the thought of tipping but it was a JOY to tip in this place as the food was so fantastic. 

We ate there for breakfast twice while we were in Seattle. 

My only regret is that I didn’t eat more of the pancakes. 

We approve of this place. 

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