Bad pancakes

I’m done. 
I’m done with paying £10+ for plastic reheated food. 
I’m done with sitting in cheaply done out restaurants with bare minimum cleanliness. 
I’m done with shit food at chain restaurants. *
I don’t deliberately set out to write exposés of London’s shittest chain restaurants, I just happen to come across bad food often. 
The place in question this time is The Diner on Gloucester Road.
For an American themed diner to get pancakes wrong is nothing short of scandalous. I ordered blueberry pancakes and I wish I hadn’t. My pancake had the texture of a dish sponge. The blueberry sludge on top of the pancakes didn’t really taste of anything except ever so slightly slightly sweet. The maple syrup was the only thing to add flavour but that ran out too quickly and the overwhelmingly dense texture of the pancakes still made them inedible despite my attempt to slather them in maple syrup. 
To sum up in terms of texture (as there is no decent flavour to report on) imagine griddled diaper stuffing topped with baby lambs diarrhoea. 
Handing over the money to pay for something I didn’t enjoy or barely ate hurt me where I am cheap yet again. I’m glad I didn’t eat it as I got to spend my daily calorie budget on something far more enjoyable. Biccys. 
You might ask why I didn’t complain there and then in the restaurant. I’m a coward and I prefer to vent my disgust via passive aggressive online anonymity. 
In short – if you love pancakes as much as I do save your $$$ and make your own. 

* Like serial farters on the tube – I’m not going to be able to avoid chain restaurants indefinitely 

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