Bad Dim Sum in London

I’ve never had dim sum and this was my first experience having sum. I have to say it was a pretty dim experience, but it hasn’t totally put me of trying sum. Willing to give it another try if sumone else is paying basically.

So me and a dear m8 went to China Town in London. She had positive experiences with dim sum before so we were both looking forward to it. I was looking forward to trying sumthing new. I’m not going to specify the name of the place. We went in the evening so we got to experience the reduced dim sum menu, which was mostly cheung fun. Fun doesn’t necessarily come to mind when I relive this gastronomical experience.

We sat down and ordered enough for 4 people, naturally. The food came fairly promptly. It went downhill from here.

I’ll just get straight to the point. I passed the dough cheung fun through my lips and into my mouth. The first thought that came to my mind was that the texture was almost as if they had boiled the medical waste from a circumcision clinic and stuffed it with toilet paper and chives.
“Mate, the food is so bad I can’t even”

In terms of taste, non existent.

We kept eating because we were starving. We were wasting our calorie budget on food we were not enjoying. So dire. Plus, for the price, we could have ordered like ten McDonald’s meals ffs. We almost left on arrival as the menu was not the full one, but we didn’t. We should have left. It was a sign. The whole situation was just sumthing else tbh.

My m8 agreed that the dim sum was bad. So I guess it wasn’t entirely just my noob “this is new and unfamiliar and I don’t get it tho” reactions kicking in . She had good dim sum the night before and was gutted that the sequel left sumthing to be desired.

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